Winter is coming, see what massages can do for you during the cold months

Mis à jour : 21 déc. 2019

Who honestly feels great during the winter months? The days are shorter, the weather is gloomier, and it’s cold. It’s not surprising to think that quite a few people get the winter blues. But, there’s an easy way to tackle that sluggish laziness that can come on as the days get cooler. Having regular massages is a great way to feel happier and healthier during the winter months, and can be a great way to motivate yourself or your clients to continue taking healthy measures in other areas of life.


When the weather is cold and dark, people get depressed. Seasonal Affective Disorder is common during the winter months when there’s less natural sunlight and the weather is gloomy. During daylight, your brain releases serotonin – a chemical that makes you feel positive, happy and motivated. So, it makes sense that during the winter, your brain releases less of this chemical.

Occasionally what can happen next is depression or a general feeling of unhappiness and negativity. We find it more difficult to wake up in the morning, we don’t feel as sociable and we can generally be not as pleasant to be around. However, we can’t force the days to get longer or hibernate for five months. So, what’s the solution? Massage can be a great mood lifter, as it relaxes and gives a sense of rejuvenation, as well as releasing the serotonin and endorphin chemicals – exactly the same chemicals that your body produces when the sun shines.


Picture this: You wake up early on a Saturday morning and look out of the window. It’s dark, cold, and raining. Do you put your running shorts on… or go back to bed? It may be safe to say that only the super-determined would choose the first one. So, from this, we can safely assume that we probably do less exercise in the winter than in the warmer months. Not a good thing!

Exercise helps our circulation and cleanses our internal systems. It also brings fresh, oxygenated blood into our systems, with poor circulation making us lethargic, uncomfortable, and achy. We become lazy and unproductive. However, the good news is that massage is a great way to boost your circulation. A massage helps the blood pass through the areas of congestion and increases flow, also helping your lymphatic system clean out the waste that’s building up. Other benefits are that it can lower your blood pressure and help your body function better.


The winter blues and a lack of exercise aren’t just the only things that can get you down in wintertime. Another thing your clients may be concerned about is the higher chance of getting sick, as bugs spread in the office, at school and on public transport. We want our immune system to be in the best shape possible to fight the infections going around. The good news is that a massage can actually increase your immune system, which in turns helps your body fight off sickness.

The cells in your body that tackle any infections like to live in the lymphatic system – in particular, the lymph nodes. Sometimes, they can be reluctant to come out to fight off the invading bacteria and need a little persuasion. This is where a massage helps, as the gentle rubbing of the area around the lymph nodes encourages the white blood cells to leave and get to work. Remember that a massage increases blood flow? Well, this can also stimulate the white blood cells to start making you feel better.

This is a major benefit during the winter months because quite a few of us are reluctant to fill our bodies with endless medicines. A simple alternative to combating the cold can be a weekly massage.


Dry skin is another complaint during the colder months. The lower humidity and drop in temperature can suck the moisture out of your skin. You then have to keep applying moisturiser to stop rashes and feel comfortable.

When you have a massage, natural and essential oils are rubbed into your skin. This makes it feel more elasticated, and also has the added advantage of moisturising your skin. So, you can either keep paying for expensive creams or have a weekly massage to get all the other health and feel-good benefits too.


These are just four of the many benefits of getting a massage during winter. Tailoring your massage techniques and packages to include winter-ready treatments, such as oils that are known to fight off colds and flus, or hot stone techniques, can be particularly beneficial. It would be a good idea to communicate these ideas to your current or future client base, to encourage their repeat business all year-round, and make sure they experience the relaxing benefits of a warm, winter massage.

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